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UV Protection

Dr. Weaver advocates eye protection from UV exposure, which has been shown to accelerate cataract formation, macular degeneration progression and eyelid disease in certain studies. For those blessed with perfect vision or for those who wear contact lenses while spending time outdoors, Dr. Weaver recommends non-prescription polarized sunglasses with UV protection to safeguard your eyes from the sun.

The practice also has Cocoon Clip-Ons, which offer UV protection and polarization to your current eyeglasses. These clip-ons are spring loaded in the middle so that they attach to any frame with ease. Using our Cocoon Clip-Ons fitting kit, we can find a clip-on to fit almost any style of frame.

We also have a frame line called EasyClips from Aspex Eyewear for men and women. These frames come with a magnetic clip-on, customized specifically for each frame. Like the Cocoon Clip-Ons, the EasyClips magnetic clip-ons also offer UV protection and polarization, which is what Dr. Weaver recommends in any sunglass option.