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Sports Vision

Vision is an important aspect of our lives. We utilize our vision every waking moment and it’s important to keep that vision clear and comfortable all day long. One of Dr. Weaver’s favorite recreational sports is playing golf. After wearing glasses for many years, once he switched to wearing contact lenses in optometry school, he could not believe the much improved depth perception and peripheral vision awareness from using contact lenses.

If an eye cannot see 20/20 or better, or the eyes cannot focus or track properly, a person’s sports performance may not be at its optimal level. Whether you play sports recreationally or competitively, Dr. Weaver can grade your level of vision performance during your eye examination and make suggestions based on the sports in which you participate. This can be in the form of switching from glasses to contact lenses, or eyeglasses and sunglasses with the latest anti-reflective and tinting technology to optimize visual function, or eye training exercises. Dr. Weaver can make personalized recommendations based on various sports, such as football, baseball, golf, cross-country running, skiing, fishing, hunting, archery and many others.