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Children's Exams

Vision is paramount in a young child’s life. Any issues with vision, focusing or eye tracking abilities can directly cause reading and/or learning disabilities. Many times serious vision problems can go undetected without a proper, comprehensive eye examination.

Dr. Weaver understands the critical nature of an early child’s vision development and the importance of annual eye examinations for children of all ages. The practice sees children of all ages, from month-old infants to teenagers entering college. For young children who are not able to verbalize, we use special vision charts, tools and objective techniques to determine a child’s ocular health and vision status.

The most common question we receive from parents is: “At what age should I bring my kid in to the office to check their eyes?” If your child has never had a complete eye exam with an optometrist, the answer is NOW. If your child is about to start Pre-K or Kindergarten, it is in the child’s best interest to have their eyes checked to make sure their visual system is functioning properly for learning success.

Not every child that is examined receives glasses. In fact, glasses are only prescribed to children that are in danger of having long-term visual impairment or need help with the way their two eyes work together. During the examination, Dr. Weaver will also examine the ocular health of your child to make sure they are not affected by any abnormal eye disease.